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About Me


Hi, I’m Sophie

I got married to my husband Jason in October 2018, which is when the idea for The Yorkshire Wedding Collection was born.

Our wedding was a little different in the fact that we opted for an adventure rather than a wedding. We flew off to LA got married in a small wedding chapel and hit the road on a 15 day road trip up the west coast of California with plans to host a party upon our return.

It was upon our return to the UK and plans for the reception were underway when I experienced a little problem with the local wedding industry. People that had claimed to be professionals and had taken money from me were now hard to get hold of. This resulted in been let down and people not actually showing up on the day with the services that they had promised and others demanding money from me the night before the reception.

So here I am, sat, adding the finishing touches to my makeup, feeling a little stressed and deflated that my wedding planning experience had not been everything I had expected it to be. When it struck… That lightbulb moment. What if I were to create a comprehensive directory of wedding businesses so that when couples try to find the product or service they are looking for can find it with ease…. With a guarantee that the suppliers recommended are “GOOD” Suppliers with high levels of service and help to support local wedding businesses in the process. I need to build an online directory!

So here it is…. The Yorkshire wedding and events directory, full of inspiration and recommendations to help you find the product/ service you need to make your big day dreams come true on any budget.