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The Yorkshire Wedding Collection caught up with Hull based wedding planner of the moment, Moxie Events, to discuss a recent shoot and bringing originality to Yorkshire.


Daring to be different? Creating an individual wedding may seem daunting. You might start thinking - Will the mother-in-law approve? What will my Nan say? These concerns sound all too familiar. I hear brides and grooms debating on way to please everyone – should we offer our guests a traditional experience, or go with the latest ‘on-trend’ theme?


So why not go with something offbeat?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with going all out traditional. If this fits your style, then go for it. Ultimately, if a traditional approach suits your personality it will show in your wedding design. However, if you are a little more maverick and like to do things differently, don’t be afraid, be brave and rock it!


If you seek inspiration for your wedding and often gazing through Instagram or Pinterest, then this shoot may excite…


So why the black dress I hear you say? Well, why the hell not! Seriously, demand for variety is becoming greater than ever, the runways is seeing inspiring creations with a mix of colours, shapes and sizes. We wanted to put together a photoshoot that proved using an alternative colour pallet can work.


The concept was born from a desire to experiment with different colours, tones and textures that you don’t necessarily see every day. I initially had the idea for a black dress paired with orange flowers. Although I wanted to use a black dress, I didn’t want this to look gothic, therefore we needed a model that suited this softer appearance.


It’s fab working with like-minded individuals in the wedding industry, forward thinking suppliers who push boundaries, influence and shape future fashions.

Hopefully the images speak for themselves. Okay, so it is a little early to experiment on a photoshoot and some people may not be bold enough to implement all aspects. However, the images represent originality. If they encourage you to open your mind and consider alternative options for your wedding design, then we have achieved what we set out to do.



Photography: Jemma King Photography

Floral design: Bloom & Bridal

Planning & Design: Moxie Events

Gown: ASOS